2014 Corvette Stingray

he American pride Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is ready to roll in it’s better than ever form. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that corvette is the hottest selling ride of the last decade More »

Ferrari F70

Yes, we all know its known other than the Ferrari F70 Code name F150. Specs are staggering as we all know that it would be having V12 like its arch rival Lamborghini Aventador. More »

Bugatti Gangloff Concept

The Bugatti Gangloff brings back the uniqueness of hand-built automobiles and enriches it with the latest technology and style. More »

Mercedes Benz E63

Recently Mercedes revealed the E class range including the coupe and cabriolet models. The E class picked the hype from the very start when the teaser images showed a DTM racing car inspired Mercedes Benz. More »


Aston Martin Builds two CC100 Speedsters

aston martin cc100 sppedster

Aston Martin have taken design to the next level with their newly built and sold CC100 Speedster which are the total mash up of classic legends and the design queue of the future cars by Aston Martin. The cars build are to honor the great British cars of the likes of DBR1 race car and others to come in the future. Of the two cars built one was expected to remain with Aston Martin and other one to be sold but now it looks like both the cars have been sold.

Bugatti Veyron GSV Variant Revealed!

bugatti gvs variant wimille

Bugatti’s new marvel which was in news for a long period of time now has been surfaced and we have to admit that it is one good looking Veyron. The new edition of Grand Sports Vitesse which is called by the name of ‘Legend’ and happens to be the true blood of 254 mph hitting Sport Vittese meaning it is another special edition of Grand Sport Vittese the World’s Fastest Car  known as ‘Les Légendes de Bugatti’ (Bugatti’s Legend). And just so you know it is one of the special editions and we have a total of 6 special edition cars lined up in the honor of 6 people which made Bugatti what it is today. We are excited to see all those cars, and you?

Managing Director of Nano to face 6 months of jail time


If I have one wish to completely strip away the right of existence of one car, my instant answer would be Tata Nano. I mean seriously, it isn’t a car it is more of a plastic build cheap toy. The only compelling factor to buy Tata Nano is the price of the car; you can buy 10 Tata nano in place of an average decent car. But that is how I feel, you may want to know what the customers feel? An angry customer, who had his rough time with Tata nano, has filled a case against Tata managing director Karl Slym. And Karl Slym will face 6 months of jail time and a 10,000 Rupees ($185) fine.

Mclaren MP4-12C by “Mansory”


British’s all-time favorite super car company Mclaren is famous for thrashing big super car manufacturers like Ferrari and Lamborghini in the past. Their Baby super car has earned great respect in its category due to its mind boggling performance but lacked the sex appeal of genuine super car. So, Mansory the German’s elite tuning company went on for the expedition to change the overall character of MP4-12C And came up with something different.

Toyota Prius by “Tommy Kaira”

20MC PRIUS_tilt_Rear_800

Toyota prius known as Don of hybrid cars is quite popular in family guys and that’s the reason this Japanese lady didn’t fetch the attention of teenager civic lovers. Recently, Japanese all-time favorite tuning company Tommy Kaira came up with spiced version of Toyota Prius known as Prius RR.

Arab’s first super car!


The Arabs known for owning the most exclusive cars in the World have now finally made it to the list of the countries who manufacture their own cars. W Motors which is owned  by Ralph Debbas, a Lebanese who founded and now chairs the company  has introduced the first super car of Arab world. W Motors has named it Lykan.

Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 50 Anniversario Edition

aniversario edition (2)

Every year we see a lot of automakers celebrate their anniversaries by creating special edition cars which are manufactured in limited number and sometimes these are concept cars which are made to show the capabilities of a company. Earlier this year we saw Lamborghini celebrating their 50th anniversary by introducing Optimus Prime like hyper car with V12 power plant from Aventador known as  Venono.  This wasn’t enough for Lamborghini as they have now  came up with spiced version of their flagship battle cruiser known as Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 50 Anniversario Edition.

Dubai Police gets Aston Martin one-77 as a police car

dubai one 77

We have recently seen Dubai police gets Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari FF and Mercedes SLS AMG. Although the dust was not settled and fans were thinking of more inductees into the dubai police line. To break the suspense  Dubai police unleashed another dramatic news that Dubai city police will be using Aston Martin one-77 also. This 1.4 million US dollar supercar is the most  expensive and exclusive police car ever.

F1® 2013 Timing App by Soft Pauer

timing app

There was alot of fuss in the past regarding the lap timings and additional information of every driver. Fans had to visit the website after the race to see additional info like tyre strategy, fuel usage, lap timings, exciting race control messages, DRS zones and many other things. Now,  Soft Pauer which is a die hard F1 fan has came up with the solution of these problems. He has designed an exciting app through which fans can easily see each and every detail. This app will  provide you live streaming coverage and will be useful in many aspects.

Strasse Forged presents Army Camouflaged colored Nissan GT-R


Strasse Forged who is known for  its high end wheels had always presented some exciting wheel designs in the past. Now, company has started doing exterior changes on the demand of potential customers also. Their most new creation is actually japan’s supercar known as Nissan GT-R which has been wrapped into a very odd looking army camouflaged vinyl on its exterior. This kind of styling is mostly observed in army vehicles only.